Lithium ion battery explosion has been a big issue last year due to Samsung S7 battery debacle. The South Korean Government has issued official orders to monitor the Lithium-ion batteries.

The South Korean government stated on Feb. 6, that it will monitor lithium battery and the safety inspection will be conducted on regular basis. The inspection of all handsets would be conducted to avoid Samsung S7 turmoil again. After the release of S7 in August 2016 explosion have been reported all around the world. The inspection would be done by Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy.

3405518 orig South Korean Government will officially inspect lithium ion battery, a security check on regular basis to avoid Samsung S7 debacle
Lithium batteries

Jeong Marn-ki, the Vice Minister stated that The aim behind the technical check of Lithium-ion battery is not to repeat previous mistakes. For the Purpose, the Government has asked the industry to check the production process same in the way a new product is developed by innovation the technology.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 turmoil:

Samsung Galaxy S7 was the most awaited high spec phone. There was an excitement among the potential customers and consumer. But later the launch conducted some serious issue related to the battery. In response, Samsung recalled the product from the market then repaired around 85% of the product and returned to the market. The battery debacle charged the company around $ 5.4 billion on recalling and repairing of the product.

samsung galaxy s5 gold back cover battery 2 645x362 South Korean Government will officially inspect lithium ion battery, a security check on regular basis to avoid Samsung S7 debacle

Causes of lithium battery explosion:

The Lithium-ion battery has a large capacity of storage, the cathode and anode of the battery are separated by a thin insulator sheet or wrapping. The insulator gets weaker and weaker with the passage of time, that lead to the connection between the two of wires. This connection causes a connection even it may prove life threatening.

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8-Point Battery Safety Check:

There have been eight stages set for the quality check of the lithium battery, the stages are as follows:

  • Durability Test,
  • Visual Inspection,
  • X-Ray,
  • Charge and Discharge Test,
  • Total Volatile Organic Compound  test(TVOC),
  • Detaching Test,
  • Fast Usage Test
  • Delta OCV test.

Samsung has said that this security eight-point would be applied on all the products, it is hoped that Samsung S7 fiasco would not be repeated again.

The official announcement by the South Korean will be very helpful for the future market share of the company.