SoundMagic E10C Review

Soundmagic E10C

Magical Sound just got better for $50

Although there has been a steady increase in flagship smartphones without the headphone jack, there hasn’t been a steady decrease in the demand for in-ear wired earphones too.

People might prefer the same because of them having a slight edge over wireless earphones. Or I guess customers are just too hooked up to change now. With more flagships coming this year and many launching at the MWC’19, this scenario may or may not change.

But SoundMagic has been at their best in manufacturing the best audio peripherals at their end. Be it fully wireless P22BT or the E10BT, SoundMagic is making a statement in the industry and companies should look out for them.

SoundMagic is known for their finest in-ear earphones, portable and full-size headphones around the globe. And when it comes to picking up a style, most users do prefer an in-ear, more portable and comfortable form of audio peripheral.

When SoundMagic launched the E10, it was already pretty cheap. People got a lot more for a lot less and with the SoundMagic E10C, the best just got better.

SoundMagic E10C is one of the best cheap headphones that you can buy right now. Let’s dig in to find out more about this glorious piece of tech.


When SoundMagic uncovered the first variant of the E10s, it was pretty hyped. They were really good earphones for an unbelievably cheap price point.

SoundMagic does know how to make cheap yet durable products for all I know. For $39 bucks, you get a unibody metal construction that makes it look premium from all directions. A bass which is not the best but better than most the competition.

The detailing in the audio is at par with the top manufacturers for sure. SoundMagic launched great sound quality, durability at an amazing price but something lacked. They had the urge to make the best better.

The sound needed to be better in the mid and the lows. There was no microphone so it was not the best choice for people used to hands-free calling. SoundMagic launched the SoundMagic E10C to bring in all the core existing features with the requested ones by their users.

The E10C maintains the idea to orbit the best sound quality and durability to their customers. SoundMagic has built up a reputation about the fleet of their E10 lineup and this adds-on to it. There isn’t much difference in the earphones.

They still look the same, but they do sound a lot better. The best thing being, the SoundMagic E10C incorporates a microchip in the 3-button switch that will let you swap automatically between Apple and Android devices. This is a big relief for users with multiple phones.

SM’s engineers have tailor-made this device to deliver high-end bass with smooth lows to fit every genre of music that you prefer.

SoundMagic is pushing the limits of the audio tech industry. They’re giving you award-winning headphones with features as good as twice the price of their headphones.


The SoundMagic E10s were great, but they still lack the extra oomph in the bass and the clarity area.

The new microchip under the hood of the E10C makes it better in all ways. The E10C provides fun, compelling bass and extra-fine audio detail for a staggering price.

The specs do stand shoulder to shoulder to most of their competition. Let’s check it out.

Model NumberE10C-SVBK
DriverDynamic 10mm Neodymium Driver
Frequency range15Hz to 22KHz
Impedance46 Ohms (+/- 10%)
Sensitivity100dB/mW @ 1KHz (+/- 2dB)
MicrophoneThree Button Microphone
Cable length1.2 m (3.5ft)
Connection3.5mm gold plated plug

The in-ear SoundMagic E10C have got decent sound in a pretty portable form factor. The $51 bucks price point is the cherry on top. It has got improved remote-control.

They have got the headphone jack redesigned to suit and sound better. The device now emits bass-heavy sound, so if you’re into EDM and Hip-Hop, you’ll love these pair of earphones.

They could’ve done the detailing part a bit better. If you like listening to Blues more, then you won’t feel the detail and lows as good as some other competitions.

Overall, the specs speak for themselves and they are definitely worth it. Getting much more for much less is what SoundMagic is selling here.

Design & Build Quality

Coming straight to the design, the driver housing looks exactly like the E10M. The cable feels like the E10S, they could’ve added a smooth finish to it.

The internal wiring is different though. The E10C has a three-button remote that can neatly switch between Apple and Android devices. You get a hassle-free experience if you’ve got multiple platform devices.

It’s more like they took the E10S and changed its cable to house a better remote. The new jack is angled and looks pretty premium. The sound signature remains top-notch that we have come to love over the years.

Now, I’ve used loads of earphones but there is some kind of quality and the value for money that makes the SoundMagic E10C stand apart from the crowd. There are a much improved remote control and an inline mic.

Whereas on the old E10S model which introduced this inline mic, it just had one button. They have made significant improvements from the predecessor.

The problem faced by many was the E10S didn’t work so smoothly with all the devices. With a new microchip that SM has to build, this changes it. There was a lot of faffing around with the forerunner E10S. The SoundMagic E10C is completely cross-platform.

This works without any hassle, just plug and play. The ear tips correctly fit most of the ears. It packs a pair of extra ear tips to let you chose your pair for the right fit. The metal earpieces make them look pretty premium. 

They’re far more likely to withstand wear and tear than a cheap plastic earpiece, but should be handled with care. They are pretty durable with the unibody metal design. You can throw them in your backpack and just forget about their safety.

There is a braided cable on this one. The cable touch is a smooth finish that adds-on to the premium looks of the low budget E10C.

SoundMagic is standing shoulder to shoulder with Sony and Sennheiser when it comes to comfort on the soundmagic E10C. Kudos to SoundMagic for such comfortable tips that don’t cause fatigue when you’re wearing it for long hours.

The SoundMagic E10C a wider aperture, regular silicone padded covers, and fit perfectly in your ears.

Overall, the build and design winner is the 3 button remote. It has a pretty familiar product design that we have seen in-earphones from Skullcandy and Sony.

However, the game changer is the cross-platform support. It makes the process completely hassle-free for the audiophiles.

Sound Quality

All well and good but its time to focus on the elephant in the room now. The SoundMagic E10C have got a 15-22Khz response and has got dynamic drivers that add to the bass and clarity. But apart from the specs, to your ears, they will sound great.

It does retain the sound signature and the good dynamic range from its predecessors. The only noticeable difference is heard in the bass of the earphones. They have got a sturdy and punchy bass now.

This makes a lot of difference in how users use and care about their earphones. Who doesn’t like bass? The earphones also work nicely with podcasts.

There is no loss of accuracy in sound detail with the addition of better bass.

They have a rich full sound with a  wide soundstage and really good treble. The extra bass adds an extra oomph which differs according to everyone’s music tastes.

They are probably the best sounding earphones and they do compete with Sennheisers’ easily. They really put to shame some of the earphones that cost twice or three times as much.

The mids and male vocals are pretty well-done thanks to the new drivers. For songs having vocals, they do maintain the clarity and they sound great. The bass is the center of attraction on this device but it never overpowers the highs and the mids.

To get the best bass possible, you can select the ear tips that really fit your ears well. Make sure there is very less or no gaps and spaces which will hamper your music experience.

Once you’ve sealed the sound, you can now enjoy the bass to the fullest. The treble and the highs are crisp. If you’re a Nucleya fan, you’ll love hearing the new album on this one. With longer use you won’t get any kind of discomfort, the sound will remain sturdy and won’t sweat your ears.

They are not like the CX180s, the SoundMagic E10C won’t bring fatigue to your ears with more amount of bass and treble for a long time.

Noise isolation is top-notch. It doesn’t have a Sony level of ANC but it does the job pretty well. If you use public transport a lot, rest assured, you won’t be hearing any unnecessary sounds.

Thanks to the ear tips that seal your ears pretty nicely. With this price and audio quality, it is a non-zero sum game between us and the SoundMagic E10C.


For people who would like to get almost a balanced profile with an extra oomph of bass, this is the device you need to get.

There’s a minute sound leak but your classmate sitting behind you is not going to hear the sound. The tangle-free braided cables scream premium for an unbelievable price tag.

They might look delicate on first look, but don’t let it fool you. Once you get your hands on these pair of earphones, you’ll know they are pretty durable. They are really well-built and you can use them for a couple of years straight without fussing about any problems that might occur or not.

The overall metal body makes it stand apart from the rest of the competition. The new addition of the metal cylinder is packed with core features that you will prefer to use more often.

You can now use these headphones across platforms without any hassle and that is definitely the unique selling point of this tech.

You get 6 pairs of ear tips out of which you can choose the best fit for you. You also get a hard carrying case which does look premium and the material finish feels really awesome.

They even include an adapter for your computer. We mostly use 3.5mm jacks these days on laptops, but you can seamlessly use it on your Dad’s Pentium 4 PC too. So overall, you can tell that these are a great piece of audio tech for the price point.

The new compatibility enhanced wiring and the cylindrical button case are the cherries on top. So, the sound is exceptional and if you want to invest in earphones, they do justify their price.

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