Sony has been making a lot of updates in play station 4, the reason behind is high demand of play station as it has been sold about 52 million unit in last year. Sony wants to improve PS4 Pro’s clock speed even to the hardware which is not updated can enjoy Boost Mode.

What kind of benefits Boost Mode can deliver:

Eurogamer has tested title and found encouraging results which show that the Boost Mode allows users to get higher clock speed around 30% higher in CPU and 14% higher on GPU. But the boost improvements varies from like BioShock Infinite, Killzone Shadow Fall, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and Tomb Raider has experienced in the 5% – 17% range. In some other games such as Assassin’s Creed Unity, Battlefield 4, Mighty No 9, and Project CARS the speed is increased up to 38%.


515651 ps4 pro hands on 640x360 Sony PS4 Boost Mode improves perfomance up to 38%  a more competent update than Microsoft Projest Scorpio

The new boost mode offers CPU and GPU clock resulted in the better-balanced system, it doest not give the idea CPU component is less powerful but the difference created by horsepower. Plenty of great games are more GPU limited than CPU limited there is three Engin port on the bottom but the problem is with Jaguar’s horsepower not wit the CPU optimization. Several BF4, AC:U games has been shiped earlier life cycle of have not been optimized. To achieve high performance there is dire need of continuously tuning performance.

PS4ProImage Sony PS4 Boost Mode improves perfomance up to 38%  a more competent update than Microsoft Projest Scorpio

Olay Station 4 has changed the equation for a lot of people with the change of platform the evaluation capabilities it works efficient with 4K TV.  Now the gamers have more reason to pick the system even when the favorite games don’t accept the updated patches. Sony offers the best against the Microsoft’s Scorpio Project can. The Microsoft project was expected to compete the Play Station 4 Pro but it got beaten in the software comparison. Sony has set parameter before the Scorpio project but now it is out performing the Scorpio.

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