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Sony Might Also Have Plans To launch A New Bezel-less Smartphone

Sony Bezel-less Smartphone

Among current smartphone manufacturers, Sony might now be planning on launching a bezel-less smartphone. As currently a lot of companies are going into this new trend, including big companies like Samsung and LG. According to recent rumors Sony might be working on a bezel-less smartphone of their own. Which is rumored to be equipped with a 6 inch LCD display. While the smartphone is also rumored to come with the same 18:9 aspect ratio, that the new bezel-less display supports.

For a company like Sony it would be its first try at this new bezel-less trend. Though currently Sony also launched some new smartphone. That includes the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, XA1 XZs and the XA1 Ultra. All of these new smartphones carry the same signature design that Sony have been carrying on for a couple of years now. Maybe it’s time for the company to come up with a new design. Though we also expect that Sony will be following its signature smartphone design, with a bezel-less display.

This for now is just a rumor and Sony might not end up picking up this new trend. Aside from that Sony also said that their company is going to continue using 16:9 format on their smartphones. Which gives all the more reason to why Sony might not come up with a bezel-less display this year. Though Sony’s display department did say that they are working on a “Full Active LCD display which has a slim bezel design on all four display sides, and a display aspect ratio of 18:9 for smartphone devices”.

Whether Sony comes up with a bezel-less smartphone or not. Other companies are catching up with this new technology. Where even Apple is said to be working on a smartphone with an all display front. So it won’t be long before Sony also moves in on the new trend.


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