MWC Conference

Sony introduce four new smartphones at the conference of MWC event in Barcelona. Among all these smartphone the Xperia ZX has more demand because of its 4K HDR screen. Not only because of its display but also people consider their hardware machines, Xperia premium is consist of the Snapdragon 835 chipset. Despite all the goodness, the US version for the Xperia XZ Premium lacks one important feature – fingerprint scanner.

In fact, the US version comes for the US people without the fingerprint scanner. It worth nothing like other phones in the other region because of its lack of fingerprint, but for the US sony is about to remove this feature and still company has no one strong reason why they are doing this.

sony xperia xz review05 Sony Is About To Remove Fingerprint Scanner From US Versions Of Xperia XZ Premium
Image source: Sony Xperia ZX

This act of a company can effect company in a very bad way and may harm the company image in the market. Finger print is become a very important feature from last few years since it introduced to the people, people use it for the security issue and are satisfy with it. Because they can lock and unlock their smartphones safely and quickly.

Sony is not doing its best in the US market, and taking such type of decision may harm the company really bad all over the world. Many sites reported that Sony is tagging it under “business decision.” They can’t help because this is the company decision but why to remove this fingerprint feature remove from sony instead of all other features why this one?

Sony’s Senior Director Of Marketing, Don Mesa

Few months ago, it is report by TechRadar, Sony’s senior director of marketing, Don Mesa was saying:

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It is worth reporting that not only sony but other smartphones company do changes in their features according to the region. Like Samsung had been using Snapdragon processors for its US Users of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 lineup and Exynos processors for regions like India.

IMG 0163 e1483996897795 Sony Is About To Remove Fingerprint Scanner From US Versions Of Xperia XZ Premium
Image source: DON MESA