NeoGAF user ponpo spotted Sony recording another patent for a handheld console that will commence the Nintendo Switch. The said patent filed in 2015 is portrayed to have a focal screen unit and pronged controller holds either side which takes after a cell phone or tablet and a handheld. To put it plainly, this demonstrates the patent may be Nintendo’s inspiration in doing the forthcoming Switch.

Nintendo Switch screen Sony is creating a portable console much like the nintendo switch

Sony’s PlayStation Answer To The Nintendo Switch

As indicated by TechRadar, in 2015, Sony has recorded a patent demonstrating another compact handheld framework, and its plan resembles the Nintendo Switch. It completely doesn’t look as exquisite as the current PS Vita, yet it trades a smooth outline for a more noteworthy proper feel. What it would seem that is some kind of a phablet gadget with a mounted controller.

Really, commentators said it looks no doubt the Gamepad Controller for the Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet. This patent is said to be a noteworthy amazement to all the Sony handheld fans. Particularly after Shuhei Yoshida, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, affirmed a year ago that with the entry of cell phones, the atmosphere for devoted handheld consoles was not beneficial. With this new patent, could this be the arrival to the handheld space for Sony?

900x Sony is creating a portable console much like the nintendo switch

The PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is Sony Interactive Entertainment’s handheld game console. It is considered as the successor to the PlayStation Portable and some portion of the PlayStation arrangement. It was discharged on December 17, 2011, in Japan with discharges in different ranges, for example, North America and Europe beginning on February 22, 2012. The PS Vita primary contends with the Nintendo 3DS as a segment of the eighth era of video gaming framework.

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As per Digital Trends, PS Vita has sold worldwide for a sum of 15.25 million units while the Nintendo 3DS sold an aggregate of 63.82 million units. If Sony somehow happened to launch this new patent in a handheld gaming framework, it would likewise dependably be contrasted with Nintendo Switch, a handheld cross breed diversion reassure. In the midst of so much positive commotion and energy around the Ninendo Switch, it might be troublesome for Sony to cut out a cut of a profoundly aggressive mobile market chart.