In case you’re fanatic of photography who appreciates taking high-res pictures in burst mode and shooting 4K recordings, you’ll know the advantages of having a speedy SD card. It’s something that Sony comprehends – it hopes to entice photographers and movie makers with what it cases to be the “world’s quickest” SD card: the SF-G series.

The cards will be accessible in a 32GB SDHC form alongside 64GB and 128Gb SDXC models. They boast a most extreme write speed of 299MB/s alongside a top read speed of 300MB/s. For comparison, the following quickest SD cards – SanDisk’s Extreme Pro UHS-II arrangement and Lexar’s Professional 2000x UHS-II series- have the highest write velocities of 260MB/s and read speeds of 300MB/s. Moving far from the expert offerings, numerous UHS-I cards typically have the maximum read/write velocities of 80MB/s.

Sony SF G SD Cards Sony is going to release SD cards next month that are said to be the worlds fastest

“As the nonstop shooting of higher-resolution pictures and selection of 4K video with DSLR and mirrorless camera expansion, the essential requirement for bigger, speedier and more reliable cards gets to be distinctly evident,” said Sony’s Product Marketing Manager for Europe, Romain Rousseau.

The SF-G series bolsters the UHS-II interface, which takes into account speedier transfer rates on bolstered equipment. To make the most of those intense speeds, Sony is launching a rapid card peruser, called the MRW-S1, that utilizes the USB 3.1 interface for performing quick document transfers to and from PCs.

sony logo e1450027925383 Sony is going to release SD cards next month that are said to be the worlds fastest

Sony’s figured out how to reach the high speeds in the SF-G series on account of the company’s remarkable firmware and new algorithm that “keeps the decline of information writing speeds.” Notwithstanding their noteworthy performance, the cards are additionally waterproof, temperature safe, shock proof, and x-ray proof.

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The SF-G series SD cards will be accessible in March and the card peruser is anticipated in April. No word yet on the sticker price, however expect to pay a lot of money.