Vive-style PSVR tracking device:

Sony is exploring different avenues regarding its own particular Vive-style VR GPS tracking device, as indicated by a patent documenting from June. The report insights at a tracker working correspondingly to HTC’s present virtual reality tech. Working as an outside projector, the gadget would utilize lights and mirrors to outline player’s certifiable developments straight into PSVR. While Sony’s VR offering right now utilizes a camera to distinguish light from the player’s headset, the current following limits clients to a fantastically little space. With light regularly meddling with the PS4’s camera, if this new tech makes it to generation it couldn’t just give gamers greater portability additionally conceivably give a more precise and immersive PSVR experience.


While simply recording a patent doesn’t ensure that the tech will ever observe the light of day, Sony putting resources into a more immersive PSVR encounter bodes well. Having the capacity to physically stroll around a virtual world does ponder for making a sentiment nearness and on the off chance that it makes it to market, this new gadget could help PSVR stand toe-to-toe with the all the more actually proficient Vive. Interestingly, the patent expresses that the GPS tracking device is remote, recommending it would interface with a PS4 through either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With the opposition as of now reporting remote peripherals of their own, it’s nothing unexpected that Sony might emulate their footsteps.

download 25 Sony is exploring different avenues regarding its tracking device Vive style VR GPS
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PSVR was released last October. The patent gives no sign, in any case, regardless of whether the tracker would be an extra for the current headset or joined as a piece of a PSVR successor. From that point forward, Sony has stayed silent about the tech, discarding deals numbers from the end of year official statements and neglecting to report numerous new titles for the stage at its last gathering. However, with more packages hitting the racks and Sony’s as of late released PS4 Pro offering an observable knock in VR execution, these licenses help recommend that the organization’s not finished with VR at this time.

Finally, Sony shuts down the production of PS3 officially in japan, last stock shipped to its distributors
sony patents vive like tracking system for psvr Sony is exploring different avenues regarding its tracking device Vive style VR GPS
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