Sony has announced a new CMOS sensor that can be used in cameras and smartphones, which supports 1080p video recording up to 1000 frames per second. This is achieved by integrating DRAM over one of the three levels of the sensor.
img05 Sony Announced First 3 layer Stacked CMOS Sensor
As State by the company, the new sensor is the first CMOS sensor is developed with three levels of DRAM memory which can be used on smartphones. The performance of current sensors used in smartphones provides a result of 240 frames per second, with a resolution of only 720p. The latest  CMOS sensor four times more frames, with a significantly higher resolution and ability to create impressive videos like this.

The sensor consists of three layers, in contrast, based that is two layer. The new layer that has been added in which Sony has placed DRAM memory which allows the fast storage of temporary data. furthermore, it provides the possibility of creating slow motion video,
large.589f75760639c sony1000fpsimagesensor.jpg.d290f1608c0eb95e2b74a4fec857d3e9 Sony Announced First 3 layer Stacked CMOS Sensor
Sony says that the new sensor can deliver an image of 19.3 megapixels in just 1/120 of a second, allowing fast capture and taking many photos with great speed. In addition, the new sensor from Sony supports a picture of 21.2 megapixels and 4K video record at 60 frames per second.
Screenshot 17 2 Sony Announced First 3 layer Stacked CMOS Sensor
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