Sony announced a bad news for the online games of PlayStation:

This is announced by the Sony online games that the PlayStation games online streaming will stop working on this device which was comparable to these online PlayStation games this will be starting from the august, this news was Announced on this Wednesday. But they are giving 6 months to those customers who are paying for these services so they can continue playing exactly for 6 months on compatible devices, and other users will have to pay if they want to use these services.

Bravia company:

The other side the owners of Bravia company have don’t much time to adjust the services With the Smart-TV and the other devices which are affected by this bad news are PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 Compatible Blu-ray players and smart TVs from Sony and Samsung these affected devices are no longer be able to Avail these services and they cannot access further and the cost will charge in the Dallas. The charger detail Per month are 20$ will charge per month and for three-month charges are 45$. You can also see this announcement on the PlayStation vita.

Which is also officially connected with SONY, so they have been slashed the contract for Some time. So the services between them are not disconnected, but they just might some changes in the contract. So the Sony is going to put out their subscriber to cancel the third PlayStation accounts before the Contract ended. After this decision, they decided to focus on developing and improving the user experience for PS4 and also for Windows PC devices.

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vita x Sony announced a bad news for the online games of PlayStations
Image Source: arstechnica