Security researchers have found many vulnerabilities and security loop holes in Samsung SmartCam.Hacker and cybercriminal can access hard drive of your SmartCam.In the past security was only needed for mobile and PC,s now it is the time to extend security measures to smart tv and security SmartCam.

The current victim of security hijacks is Samsung SmartCam ,the cameras ha been hackers through codes.According to the researchers, problems is in the set of coding scripts left behind for security updates to be provided through Samsung’s “iWatch” webcam security monitoring  service also contain a bug that provide safe root to penetrate in system hardware gives access even to change the security codes.

download 19 Someone else is watching you through your hijacked Samsung SmartCam

The vulnerabilities and flaws has been detected by a group of exploiters named as GTV Hacker.This is not the first time when security camera of Samsung has been hacked once in past the codes to access or the security codes has been hacked and changed by the same group.

Causes of security loops :

Samsung SmartCam gives a simple security setup ,which is controlled by a smartphone app.Hacker found it’s PHP codes and gotten the access to hard drive on camera and phones.Samsung SmartCam is cloud service that has been sold to South Korean company in 2015 but after business failure company was shut down so now there is no local check and balance on SmartCam.Hacker took the advantage of this risk and accessed Smartcam.

The flaw was first detected in SNH 1011 security Smartcam hacker tried cracked first at local level  but they failed the next step they took was on major level there was no PHP update so they cracked the system.

Samsung will be revealing a device at the MWC but it's not going to be the Galaxy S8
681 Someone else is watching you through your hijacked Samsung SmartCam
SNH 1011

Samsung SNH-1011N SmartCam is easy to set you just have to press the power button for 30 seconds there is complication in installation.The additional feature that SmartCam provides are it is audio and motion sensitive .SmartCam has night vision lamp.You can also record the video of youTube. The only requirment to Secure the SmartCam from possible threats is to Regular notice PHP setting and codes.