Snapchat’s proprietor, Snap, has decided to go public about its IPO filing. As indicated by the S-1 archive the organization has filed, it is considering taking its hardware experiment more importantly this year. Parent organization Snap says that it is planning to “significantly broaden the distribution of Spectacles.”

No other information was made available, yet Snap says that it will contribute more to effectively showcase and distribute the item to a wider audience this year.

“In 2017, we hope to keep on making substantial investments in stock, inventory, marketing, and distribution and product renovation,” says Snap in its S-1 filing.

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Appropriation Strategy For Spectacles A Huge Success

This is incredible news for the individuals who have been attempting to get their hands on a pair since last year. Snapchat’s Spectacles were released in September 2016 and were a major hit last Christmas season. But, the item was difficult to find.

Rather than giving the shades to tech reviewers and thinking of a mass customer launch, the organization just sold them through yellow pop-up vending machines arbitrarily set in various urban areas.

The exclusivity created a hype, as the item was resold on sites like eBay in increased costs. Snap says that the said item “has not produced significant income,” but rather that will be expected because of its constrained accessibility.

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Snapchat Spectacles versus Google Glass

Spectacles are habitually being contrasted with Google’s fizzled smart glasses project, the Google Glass, however it is a totally different creature. The item simple, less muddled, and very inexpensive. A pair can be purchased for just $130, which is incredibly less expensive than the Google Glass, which came with a sticker price of $1,500 when it was released.

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At its core, Spectacles is essentially a couple of shades that houses a small camera on its right side and can connect directly to your cell phone. When you put it on, the shades permit you to shoot 10-to 30-second wide-angle video clips. The shades will then post the recordings in your Snapchat account in a round format that you can turn at any angle when shown in full screen mode.

The Spectacles are Snap’s first wander into hardware and the organization’s second item after Snapchat. With numerous developers cloning Snapchat (we’re taking a gander at you, Instagram), we’re hoping that the accomplishment of Spectacles may manage the underlying achievement of the organization.