Snap Inc is getting famous in London on Monday to give promotion to its people initiative offering with a position: that its a most famous App selling in the world and just enough to say that snap is just a step ahead from Facebook.

video leadership summit 2017 26 Snap bets on hardware as Facebook threat looms
Image source: Snap chat

The App has one advantage is that snap chat pictures disappear after some time, snap recently hired many of hardware engineers.

All struggle, which was specially designed for the hardware development and so called the reality technology,are connected to the company and looking for valuation up to $22 billion in its March IPO not standing with heavy losses and the presence of hard competition for advertising dollars with a larger social media Facebook.

New Gadgets

snap chat has a 158 daily users in the forth quarter,unto 3 is from different quarters in comparison with the growth of 14% in 2015, according to report of Snap’s IPO filing.New feature will come soon to the snap chat to attract more customers and will spend most of their time with the snapchat.

Snap spend $1 billion on Amazon services

“All is that what advertisement company is looking for,” said Douglas Melsheimer, he is managing director at investment bank and consulting firm Bulger Partners. Snap,along with Facebook, google, and buzz feed are getting dollars from shifting TV to internet, is capitalising on the shift of video advertising dollars from traditional television to the internet.

It is reported that snapchat will not so long stand against Apple Google and Facebook. But at another side hardware is the answer of that question is that snap has recruited hardware experts from Apple  Google, Nest and Motorola, According to the analysis of data and information of market and in market a very strong social media linked in. One former employee explained enough source from management for development of hardware team.

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