Snapchat is a social application for mobile. It brought the new idea in the market famous for delivering disappearing photos called Snapchat stories. This brilliant idea was produced in a Stanford dormitory in the year of 2011. According to reports, Facebook offered Snapchat $3 billion and google offered $4 billion but Snapchat was firm to open its own company.

Snapchat worth almost anywhere between 20 billion to 25 billion dollars. This estimate is according to measures which reflect the company amount of venture capital funding. But we cannot give you surety about the reality of this evaluation. Snapchat never released any news or information about its annual financial revenues. Some analysts believe the valuation methodology is random, while others are fairly convinced of the multibillion-dollar potential for Snapchat.

Snapchat Snap Chat Market Value Become 20 Billion Dollar... How?
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Users Of Snapchat?

At last year, Almost 161 million people use this app daily. In this number, 60 million users are from the United States and 10 million are from the UK.

However, Snapchat is newer from its rivals and still, it is growing. But suddenly, the growth rate of the app is going down in the previous month. In last quarter of 2016, user growth is only 7 million daily, it is lesser than before.

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Worth Of Company

Tesco or Sky have less revenue than Snapchat. No matter that it lose $515m in the previous year. This year snap chat is raising $3 billion. From the estimated reports, the company can have the profit of 20 to 25 billion dollars.

Investors of the snap chat are saying that company will overcome its previous losses and will grow more because the mobile advertising market is now becoming more famous and valuable.

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Snap is growing slowly, but the company hoped that its users will not disappoint it and the company financial situation will get better. According to the report, On the daily basis, every user spend 25 to 30 minutes on Snapchat and open it more than 18 times in a day.