EIZO Corporation has declared the launch of the RadiForce MX315W, a 8 megapixel, 31.1-inch display with a thin, lightweight outline in EIZO’s line of clinical review monitors.The RadiForce MX315W is the one of the primary 8 megapixel display in the RadiForce MX Series. Resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels over the 31.1-inch display, a lot of data can be seen at one time. This permits the display to be utilized as a part of participation with different frameworks, for example, electronic wellbeing record frameworks, and picture chronicling and correspondence frameworks (PACS), so that various applications and windows can be shown without a moment’s delay on a similar screen. By using the MX315W’s expanded viewing space and flexibility of design, it is conceivable to show different investigation pictures next to each other, for example, CT and MRI pictures in tiled configuration. This will take into consideration the correlation of old and current outputs, ultimately enhancing effectiveness.

It additionally proposes the utmost sharpness in the RadiForce MX Series at 450 compact disc/m2. EIZO ensures 3 years or 10,000 hours of utilization at the prescribed 270 disc/m2 shine level, guaranteeing ideal brightness constancy over a long time of utilization. Already manufactured sharpness sensor guarantees the shine of the screen will remain reliable for a longer time period. Also the screen bolsters DICOM Part 14* standard adjustment.

ph fs2434 Slim Displays of 8 Megapixel 31 Inch Launch By EIZO
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The screen has another thin design to lessen mess at the workspace. It’s just 225 mm profound and 11.7 kg in weight, which implies that small space is utilized and installation is a breeze. Moreover the screen has a built-in manufacturing power supply so the workspace is free of massive power supply blocks.

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EIZO will show the RadiForce MX315W at the European Society of Radiology 2017 (ECR 2017) from March 2 – 5 in Vienna, Austria.

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The RadiForce MX315W will start delivering in June, 2017. Date of accessibility may differ by nation to nation so contact the EIZO team or merchant in your nation for information.