A recent post at eBay shows the Skylake-EP processor on sale which is pretty astonishing to hear. The Skylake-EP processors shown in the post is also known as “Intel Xeon E5-2600 v5” CPU. To add more to your amazement, the engraved mark on the processor brings a lot of suspicions.

What Does The Stamp Say?

pic 3 An eBay post shows SkyLake EP for sale   You need to have a genuine usage before you think of buying it

The processor as seen in the image above says “Intel Xeon P 8136” as per the engraved marking. Also, we can clearly see the sSpec and speed rating on the heat spreader. Everything aside, the “P 8136” part sounds a bit odd. Well, having a look at the renaming convention by Intel, we admit that there may be a change in the name as to what we were hearing in the past.

Specifications And Price As Per The eBay Post

Other than what the company could have provided, the eBay post reads the specifications of the processor as following:

  • A 28-core model with 2 GHz CPUs
  • A total cache of 38.75 MB with at least 28MB as the part of the L2 cache
  • A TDP of 165W for each one of the CPUs
  • According to the same post, the SkyLake-EP can be yours for just $3750, each.

Things To Be Kept In Mind Before Buying It

This may not be a regular eBay sale as for this processor, you need to keep these three points in mind:

  1. This is the final release of a previously unreleased CPU, presumably OEM
  2. It fits on at least an LGA3647 motherboard
  3. The seller will confirm the usage of this piece of performance before you pay the price as apparently, he does not want returns based on the argument that you couldn’t find the suitable motherboard to run it on
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