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Six Most common PC error and their solutions

Common PC errors & their solutions

here are hundreds of error which computer shows online and offline. Some of them are related to the software error and some are caused due hardware incompatibility. But most of the common problems a computer faces are related to software are easily adjustable.

Following is the list of most PC problems and their solutions.

The computer is unable to start:

This is the most annoying problem which left you completely helpless to take any further step. It may a result of power shortage and battery end or it may be due to operating system damage and finally because of hardware damage.

The possible solutions for the problem, manage a proper power connection, restart the system, troubleshoot the problem and finally reinstall the windows.

Slow Computer:

First, you need to know that the video and online photos are not only slow because of the computer it is also affected by the internet speed. The next possible reason is the low RAM memory on the board and hard drive overloading. The solution is simple to replace a hardware with bigger memory and use an advance more powerful RAM.

The Internet is Slow:

If your computer browse slowly and takes too long to play online material, first of all, check your internet speed and run a speed test. Minimum speed must be 50% of the ISP of the advertised speed to run computer fast. Another reason is bandwidth consumption due to torrent uploading and downloading. If the network speed and bandwidth is okay then the problem is on your end.

A “DLL File is Missing” Error:

This is the error about missing files, it is also very common especially in the DLL extension. There are a lot of possible causes of the problem but you need to follow the steps to cover this.

Page Not Found or 404 Error:

This error means that the required address is wrong. Technically it means that you have typed the wrong address or the address is not at functional on the internet. This is not genuinely a problem you just have to check the wedsite address.

Blue Screen of Death Error:

The blue screen of death is when the computer is able to do nothing and all computer codes are running on screen it may come up that your computer may die. Technically these are called STOP Error of different kinds. For example  STOP 0x0000008E and STOP 0x0000007B are the stop errors. Here is a special troubleshooting guide for solving the problem.

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