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Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo, the Siri Speaker may pave its path for release this WWDC conference

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  • Siri Speaker may be releasing this June

Apple’s Siri getting a makeover as the company aims to roll out ‘Siri Speaker,’ this June. Siri speaker is actually the hardware which encapsulates the Siri assistant for you just like Amazon Echo.

The iPhone-maker’s developer conference is happening this June and rumors suggest that the Siri speaker will come out in the same event. 9to5Mac reported that the company is aiming to bring out the device high-quality speaker and a built-in Siri program.

Release Dates Still Not Confirmed

Aside from the specifications and features of the Siri speaker, the report is based on rumors and hence it is not confirmed till yet that whether WWDC conference will host the Siri speaker’s release or not.

Apple’s famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who made the prediction is also not very sure himself about the release date but according to him, there are more than 50% chances that the WWDC event may host the release. Well, if Apple wants developers to work on this new project, the WWDC conference can be the best place for the release.

Rumors Getting Verified

More and more people from the famous forums join the race of confirming news about the Siri speaker. Sonny Dickson reported the news too last month in his tweet regarding the launch at WWDC.

Siri Speaker Can Be The Best Fit For Apple Lovers

This device was long awaited by many of the Apple lovers who were forced to look at other options such as Google Home or Amazon Echo

Now that Apple is all set to roll out its own product for the purpose, this may serve as the best fit for all those looking for the perfect device to compliment the company’s music streaming service, and its smart home platform, Apple HomeKit.


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