As indicated by a Digitimes report, Apple is planning on coming up with an improved variant of Siri to coincide with the release of its flagship cell phone by September. The report additionally suggests that Apple is doing this to make Siri more competitive against the enormous players inside the A.I. field, after it has fallen behind solid contenders, for example, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Both Google Assistant and Alexa are presently being fused to other gadgets, appliances, and applications. In view of the fact that A.I. assistants’ adaptability, Siri could soon be failing horrendously if Apple does not act and enhance it promptly.

One of the initial steps to making Siri more intelligent is as of now in the pipeline. Incorporated into the release notes for iOS 10.3 beta testing is the alternative to share users’ iCloud information, which the organization trusts will help in enhancing Siri.

siri ios 8 Siri is getting more intelligent but how can it defeat Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?


Other Phone Manufacturers Jumping In On The A.I. Train

A year ago, Google made a considerable measure of progress when it released its new line of Pixel cell phones and included Google Assistant in the telephones. In spite of the fact that it is still in its early stages, Google Assistant is presently being sought by other cell phone vendors. Truth be told, the LG G6 is reputed to be the first non-Google handset to be equipped with Google’s A.I.

On the other side of the lake, Samsung obtained Viv Labs, an A.I. startup, before the end of last year. Viv’s originators also happen to be Siri’s makers who left Apple in 2010 to create their own organization. The Samsung subsidiary is currently in the process of creating Bixby, which will get to be one of the fundamental components of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.

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3 Things Apple Needs To Do To Make Siri Better

Jay McGregor, a tech benefactor for Forbes, states that Apple needs to do three things if Siri is to compete — and in the meantime, differentiate itself — from Alexa. Firstly, it needs the capacity to conform the settings of a phone through voice commands. Having the capacity to do things, for example, modifying the brightness of your phone’s screen or changing your notification settings with your voice could have a major effect, says McGregor.

alexas Siri is getting more intelligent but how can it defeat Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?


Another is to order things without subscribing to a service. Presently, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership to buy something on Amazon with Alexa’s assistance, so Apple ought to consider partnering with another major online retailer. Apple would significantly profit by broadening Siri’s support for outsider applications, for example, music, weather, and other non-Apple software.