Singapore major telecom M1 (previously known as MobileOne) and Chinese telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturer  Huawei successfully attain 35Gps speed in 5G network technology .

5G Huawei 21 1024x576 Singapore Telecom M1 and Huawei Reach 35Gps speed in 5G network

The trial took place at M1’s main operating centre in Jurong, the Huawei demonstration used millimeter wave (mmWave), conducted over the 73GHz band at E-band.

The trial prove the achievement of 5G in high-frequency bands and opens new opportunity to comply 5G high-frequency technologies in Singapore.

Singapore’s mobile networks are most advanced  telecom over worldwide, M1 is committed to staying at the forefront of 5G technology to ensure our consumers enjoy the best experience and latest smart applications,” M1 CTO Denis Seek said.

M1 and Huawei have work before to improve the 4G speeds, The perform the 4G trial at M1’s LTE Advanced test lab in January 2016 . They acheieve the of 1Gbps downloading speed and /130Mbps upload speeds across M1’s 4G mobile network using a CAT14 Huawei device.

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