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Simple Cuts Or Scratches Shouldn’t Be A Worry For Smartphone Owners Anymore; Soon Their Phones Would Have Self-Healing Screens


Simple cuts or scratches shouldn’t be a worry for smartphone owners anymore; soon their phones would have self-healing screens. It may sound strange yet it is absolutely true that it may not take very long for the scientists to turn the dream of self-healing phone screens into reality. Working on the idea since long, a group of scientists have very recently achieved their goal of creating a material capable of repairing beyond minor, even major scratches or simple cuts.

It is hoped that in the days to come, the mobile phone manufacturers would welcome the revolutionary invention and would thus be able to bring major changes to their devices; and make the future smartphones look entirely different from the present ones. As mentioned above, the arrival of �?flexible screens’ is now matter of time since the development of this particular technology has long been the prime focus of several manufacturers.

The concept of “Transparent Silver Screen” has already been introduced, which would serve two purposes; replace the routine �?glass-screens’ and allow the manufacturers to introduce more �?resistant’ screen devices. Leading from the front, Samsung has already succeeded in developing the flexible screen panels and as reports suggest; the Korean tech-giant plans to let the other manufacturers benefit from the technology as well; by selling such panels to them within next couple of years.

The scientists belonging to the University of California, proudly announced about their wonderful discovery recently and said further that the subject material that can also conduct electricity, would be an ideal solution for manufacturing various devices in the likes of smartphones etc.

So what is the material used in self-healing screens?

The main ingredients of the material are �?Ionic Salt’ and �?Plastic Polymers’ allowing it to stretch as much as up to “50 times” the original size.

How it works?

The process of “regeneration” is driven by the “Ion-Dipole interaction,” an inter-molecular force.

While testing, the scientists found it amazing to see the molecules attracting each other and reattaching and; eliminating the entire cuts on a test screen in less than 24-hour period; leaving no signs of damage!

Meanwhile, more testing is still underway but day is not far when the material would be finally ready to be used to manufacture self-healing screens for smartphones, tablets or consoles and several other devices.


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