SilverStone came up with its newly-prepared VT03 Micro-STX case to bring your desktop CPUs and MXM based CPUs inside a single case. Though this form-factor wasn’t ignored much, it feels good manufacturers working on different case categories. The fun part comes when you see the ASRock LGA1151 STX motherboard with a GTX 1070 MXM GPU loaded into it.

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The PSU Range

SilverStone booth at the CES 2018 wasn’t confined to the case but two high-end performing PSUs, Strider Platinum 1000W and 1200W PSUs. The single rail Strider PSUs are rated 80 Plus Platinum so a big YES for overclocking. To help out the PC modders manage the mess, SilverStone has introduced the PSUs in a fully modular design.

60539 06 silverstone shows micro stx case beefy psus ces 2018 CES 2018: SilverStone shows up with a Micro STX case, noiseless PSUs and much more!

Fan-less PSUs

In the same event, two of the fan-less PSUs were also introduced so if you are sensitive to the noise that the fans produce or if you have to place the PC in a noiseless facility, these PSUs would be great. The two PSUs come with the wattage of 450W and 600W. The bigger 600W PSU is designed for typical ATX uses while the mid-range 450W model is designed for SFX-L form factors.

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