Every power supply manufacturer have their own high end power supply lineup to offer to the market and there are certainly buyers out there for it. But not everyone is ready to open up their wallets for such a product. This is where more affordable power supplies come in. Which are bought by everyone in the market and is the main source of income for a lot of manufacturers.

silverstone essential zasilacze et 1 SilverStone Just Announced Two New PSUs In Their Essential Series Lineup

SilverStone is among such companies which also offers their affordable Essential PSU Series. Where the company just announced two new models in their Essential Series lineup. Including the ET550-B and ET650-B Essential power supply. Both of them are also rated with 80 Plus Bronze certification with a non-modular design. Something we shouldn’t expect from an affordable power supply. Aside from that both the Essential Series ET550-B and ET650-B PSU, come with flat power cables. While the maximum temperature for full power delivery on both the power supply is 40°C.

et550 b package SilverStone Just Announced Two New PSUs In Their Essential Series Lineup

In terms of dimensions both the ET550-B and ET650-B power supply is restricted to only 14cm of depth. Where a 120mm fan is present to cool down the power supply. Which is surprisingly quieter than we expected it to be. There is also a difference between the two when it comes to the type of connectors both of them provide. Where the ET650-B being the bigger one. Comes with four PCIE connectors, with two 8-pin connectors and two 6 pin connectors. While the ET550-B comes with only two PCIE connectors, one of which can be used as an 8-pin connector. But is actually a 6+2-pin connector.

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According to SilverStone their Essential ET550-B model would be sold for somewhere around $60. While its bigger brother the Essential ET650-B would be offered at a price tag of $90. Before buying a PSU always keep in mind, not to cheap out on it. Because it’s always better to buy even an affordable PSU from a reputable brand. Rather than an unknown brand.