To make an impact; the Silicon Valley Reacts To Trump’s Immigration Ban. A group of more than hundred companies led by several biggest high-tech figures have reportedly joined hands against recent executive orders; banning entire immigrants belonging to or travelling from seven particular (mostly) Muslim nations. 

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To oppose the temporary ban, the companies opted to support a high-profile legal battle and for the purpose; they joined a legal brief. The tech titans are arguing that the temporary Donald Trump travel ban would give them strong incentives; to move job (opportunities) outside the US.

Several of the leaders from the technology world have already denounced the US President’s orders publicly while the same ended up suspended; a federal judge blocked the orders temporarily. Now the tech leaders have joined the legal brief through one of the court’s friends.

The ‘friend- of-the-court’ brief was filed late Sunday with the San Francisco’s ‘9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ and among the leading companies filing the brief were Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Google etc.

The group maintained a stance that banning people belonging to ‘targeted’ 7 Muslim-majority nations alongside countless refugees means inflicting ‘significant harm’ on both American firms and American business.

On Monday, two other tech-world-giants stepped forward and scribbled their signatures on the brief i.e. Tesla Inc., and SpaceX. The list of signatories is thus increasing and by far; the number has reached to 127 already including big names such as Ad Roll, Aeris Communications, Appboy, AppNexus, Brightcove, LinkedIn, Lithium Technologies and several others.

The way the Silicon Valley Reacts To Trump’s Immigration Ban it is likely that other industries would also join the campaign pretty soon.

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