Silicon Power is up with its all-new DDR 4 UDIMM memory module which comes with a purpose-built heat dissipation jacket. The low-end DDR4 UDIMM is built specifically for Intel Haswell-E platform and X99 series motherboards. Besides, the Skylake architecture by Intel is also compatible with it. Speaking of the Skylake architecture, it supports the 100 series motherboards and has a target market focusing on gamers and multimedia professionals.

pic 35 Silicon Powers all new DDR4 UDIMM comes with a lifetime warranty and a built in heatsink jacket

What Makes This UDIMM Special?

If you are thinking about the key distinctive points which make this UDIMM special, the most notable of them is the fact that its data transfer rates are unbelievable. According to the figures, you can enjoy up to 17 GB/s of bandwidth while working on your multimedia project or even while gaming. Aside from the performance check, you also need to check out the killer looks of it. The initial look gives a fierce impression and that too combined with the durability factor. You can rely on the high stability, durability, and compatibility of the UDIMM as the company has a firm belief regarding all these factors. Last but not the least, the UDIMM comes covered with a lifetime warranty, complete service, and technical support.

Specifications and Features

  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB capacity variants carrying Dual Channel Kit: 8GB (4GB+2), 8GB (8GB*2), 16GB (16GB*2)
  • Dimension listed as 133.5 x 37.0 x 6.8mm
  • 2400MHz speed frequency with CL17 CAS Latency
  • Up to 17GB/s bandwidth
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