Google I/O 2017 developer convention will occur from May seventeenth through nineteenth. The Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California will play host to designers once more.

Shoreline Amphitheatre 723x406 The Shoreline Amphitheater will be holding the Google I/O conference from May 17 19
The Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California


Programmers sent on a scavenger hunt, uncovering Google I/O 2017 location

Earlier today, Google began teasing developers by sending a few conundrums that finally uncovered the area to the Google I/O 2017 event. The Google Developers Google+ page posted the initial hint ushering to a GitHub storehouse with an series of coordinates. Next hint originated from an unlisted YouTube video, again giving another series of coordinates. At that point, a third puzzle indicated an area in Poland, and lastly, a fourth puzzle covered up in an distorted picture pointed to Thailand.

Developers began following these conundrums that finally unveiled the area and the dates of the Google I/O 2017. People at AndroidPolice announced that the puzzles were eventually solved by a Discord channel that is devoted to understanding riddles.

google io The Shoreline Amphitheater will be holding the Google I/O conference from May 17 19


Giving the name of the nations to positions on a chess board, while adding/subtracting from the letter values given “L IN E THEATRE SHO RE AM P H I.” When unscrambled, these letters read “Shoreline Amphitheater.”

While uncovering information through this intricate puzzle, the organization has yet to overhaul its official Google I/O occasion page, which still requests that we “Check back soon for more details.”

google io developer conference The Shoreline Amphitheater will be holding the Google I/O conference from May 17 19
Google developers conference


Google will expectantly make the details official very soon. It is anticipated that the organization will utilize a lottery system again to give out passes. It’s the second time that the Mountain View tech head will hold its occasion outside, facilitating to a larger group on account of the measure of the new area.

Google Home has now played music for you from the uploaded songs on Play Music

We are eagerly anticipating what Google will discuss at the Google I/O occasion. At last year’s conference, machine learning was the essential theme, as the organization declared its Daydream VR, Home, and its assistant focused Allo and Duo applications.