For all those Nintendo Switch gamers who have tried all the available titles and are looking for something new, Shelter Generations is coming your way!

Developed by CIRCLE Entertainment, a new trailer has just been released by Shelter Generations. Included in the trailer, are some of the details about the upcoming game. Honestly, the best part of the game is to experience what it is like to be a mother lynx and raise cubs.

The game actually develops a sense of motherhood among the players. Though Lynx might look like a ferocious animal to many, the mothers have a very hard time in bringing them up!
Releasing with the game, are two stories, Shelter 2, which is based on the life of mother Lynx, while ‘Paws’ will focus on the perspective of the cub.

The title will be released by Shelter Generations for the Nintendo eShop on April 12 for $19.99. A discount offer allows those purchasing it within the first week, to buy it at a 10% discounted rate!

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