The GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) of Shazam is planning to move on Google cloud platform so that it can scale up and scale down its fleet app according to the consumers demand.

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The company revealed that it has been using the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) from more than five years. According to the company the app was found very effective as it helps them to response according to the user’s choice. According to Cloudpro reports, Site reliability officer said ;

 “These GPUs work well because when you Shazam a song, what you actually send us is a fingerprint of the audio that your device recorded. We use that fingerprint to search for matching songs across all of our catalogue, which is a very intensive operation,”

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And according to ZDNet blog report;

 “We have traditionally used bare metal servers because GPUs in the cloud have not been available, and when they have, they were far too expensive and not performance enough for our needs,” Ben Belchak, Shazam’s head of site reliability engineering mentioned in a blog post. “Only recently have the economics of GPUs in the cloud really made sense for our business.”

Bouncing on Google cloud will make it gain more users or followers with more efficiently. Despite of that there are plenty of other benefits on migrating to Google Cloud, like cloud will allow quick access to update Shazam audio signature base data’s and also allow to change or replace failed nodes.

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Via: ZDNet