With the rise in demand more and more manufacturers are now interested in producing OLED panels. Samsung and LG till now were the only two manufacturers that were producing OLED panels for smartphones. But now Sharp is also interested to join in and will start mass producing OLED panels in the first quarter of 2018. The company also have plans to bring its own OLED phones to the market as well.

sharp corner r display SHARP Will Soon Start Mass Producing OLED Panels For Phones

According to Dai Jeng-wu the CEO and president of Sharp, they are ready to mass produce OLED panels for smartphones and are already talking about shipments with interested buyers. This would also make Sharp the o first OLED panel manufacturer inside of Japan.

This would also favor Apple a lot to fulfill its OLED panel demand for the iPhone X. As currently Samsung is the sole distributor of OLED panels for the iPhone X. Which does come with a premium, making the Apple iPhone X one of the expensive phones yet. Sharp is now also a part of Foxconn, while Foxconn is the sole producer of the iPhone X. So all in all everything seems to be in line for Apple this year.

Japan Times also reports that Sharp can start producing OLED panels at two separate plants with a cost of $515 million. Where one plant will be responsible for producing small OLED panels for both phones and laptops. While the other plant will focus on making OLED panels that will be used in TVs.

sharpflexoled 1l SHARP Will Soon Start Mass Producing OLED Panels For Phones

It’s always good to see competition among manufacturers. Because this drives the market prices of products to drop quite a bit. Sharp might be able to do just that, where we might also see a trend of OLED panels being used on phones this year.

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What do you think about Sharp and its decision to mass produce OLED panels?