Google in its Nexus 6P and 6 has shut down a “high-severity” which gave attackers with USB access, the opportunity to take over the on board modem during the boot-up which allows them to listen in on the phone calls or intercepting mobile data packets. The passivity was part of a cluster of security holes founded by the security researchers at IBM X-Force, Tagged CVE-2016-8467, phones in the boot mode, which uses malicious power chargers and malware infected PCs to access the hidden USB interface.

google ibm Severe Android Vulnerability That Eposed Devices To Spying; Google Plugs OnPatches were taken off before the vulnerabilities were made open, in November for the Nexus 6, and January for the 6P. The endeavor likewise permitted access to discover the telephone’s “correct GPS organizes with point by point satellite data, put telephone calls, take call data, and get to or change nonvolatile things or the EFS segment.”

It was mind boggling to enact, requiring the casualty to have Android Debug Bridge (ADB) empowered on their gadgets—a troubleshooting mode utilized by designers to stack APKs onto Android telephones—and to have physically approved ADB network with the contaminated PC or charger. In any case, as per the specialists, there were critical workarounds.

The vulnerability in 6P enables the ADB interface even if it was disabled in the developer settings user interface. With access to an ADB-authorized PC, a physical attacker could open an ADB session with the device and cause the ADB host running under the victim’s PC to RSA-sign the ADB authentication token even if the PC is locked.
Such an ADB connection would enable an attacker to install malware on the device. PC malware on an ADB-authorized machine might also exploit CVE-2016-8467 to enable ADB and install Android malware. The PC malware waits for the victim to place the device in the fastboot mode to exploit the vulnerability.

From that, provided with the USB access to hackers, they are being able to reboot the phones into a special boot mode. Which in fact enabled various additional interface , no longer needed ABD to run

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The more seasoned Nexus 6 was more defenseless against this assault than the 6P, which had its modem diagnostics incapacitated in the firmware, however it could in any case be utilized to break into the modem’s AT interface. That interface would give assaults a chance to send or listen in on SMS messages and conceivably sidestep two-calculate validation.

google1323 Severe Android Vulnerability That Eposed Devices To Spying; Google Plugs OnSpecialists found a different weakness in the meantime in the fusbnet driver, distinguished as CVE-2016-6678, “in which 4–5 bytes of uninitialized piece information are cushioned to each Ethernet outline continued USB,” viably permitting assailants to get to and trade off system movement. Google hailed this as “direct seriousness,” and patched it in October.