While purchasing a smart phone there are several features kept in focus ,but the most concerned about the smart phone is the life span of phone or it must must be repairable.Because smart phone is  not a small investment in phones transaction.LG G5 has introduced its most interesting feature that is it is most repairable phone and it has been designed in a way that the part of phone are assembled and dissembled very easily.It is hoped that this gives LG a competitive edge and easy flagship for next year.

LG flag feature is ifixit that consist of easy replacing of mobile parts.Main feature of ifixit are removable battery ,easy fixable display, modular designs,standard screw fixing,no glue is used while changing,easy to change the hardware of mobile phone.In annual ranking by specialist if ifixit LG G5 has been gives 8 out of 10 points.

g5 td 1 The most servicing model of 2016 is LG G5
LG G is easy to replace its parts.


ifixit enables the user to dump the fragile battery ,screen ,processors in use less technology while phone is working.The only requirement is to remove the problematic part of the machinery.No glue and few screws has made it comparatively simple design and easily repairable.

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