The biggest disadvantage to owning a smart watch today is its battery life. Unlike a smartphone, a smart watch cannot carry as big of a battery to last on a busy day. Looks like a company named Sequent might finally have come up with a solution for this. Where Sequent is looking into traditional watches to come up with a kinetic battery system. That will charge the smart watch itself, without the need of an external source.

Sequence.0 1 Sequent Announced Its Eponymous Self Charging Kinetic Smart Watch

This new smart watch from Sequent is known as Eponymous smart watch. Which as we mentioned above charges by itself through kinetic energy. Though the process used on the Eponymous smart watch is much different from a normal kinetic watch. While in terms of features the smart watch comes equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, Notifications, Heart Rate Sensor and an Activity Tracker.

Right now the only question that you all must be wondering about would be its battery life. Or in general how long will the smart watch features survives till it’s dead. Well something like that can’t be answered unless the smart watch officially comes out. Though if it were that easy don’t you think big companies would have already came up with a solution like this? Whatever the result maybe at least Sequent is giving it a try.

Sequent Sequent Announced Its Eponymous Self Charging Kinetic Smart Watch

Sequent Eponymous smart watch is currently a kicstarter project. Though the first backers of this project would be able to get their hands on the first sample for a price tag of $189. Which is a good deal considering what the actual price of the smart watch would be after its launch. Which will retail for around $438 instead. Users who want to back up on the project are free to do so. But do keep in mind not every kickstarter project makes it to the end.

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What do you think about the Sequent Eponymous smart watch? Will it offer the same battery life as the famous Pebble watch once did.