Although the offer is exclusively for Select Xbox One Members but Microsoft is releasing an app through which; the game lovers can now enjoy Beam live streaming. The lucky subset of such select users can thus stream directly from their respective Xbox One.

Beam live Select Xbox One Members To Enjoy Beam Live Streaming; Microsoft Rolls Out The App

This particular app enables all those in the Insider program of the company, to either broadcast their gameplay to the service or view Beam streams sitting before their Xbox One. Further, by going into the app’s preview, the users would be able to test it out; by clicking on the ‘guide’ tab on their Xbox controller.

There, they can push the ‘broadcast’ icon located at the menu bottom and there the Beam will open up for them. Whether it’s Amazon’s Twitch or Microsoft’s Beam, the focus of both the competitors remains the same, bringing the live gaming video content(s) to the Web.

tcdisrupt ny16 9157 Select Xbox One Members To Enjoy Beam Live Streaming; Microsoft Rolls Out The App

When it comes to broadcasting and the subsequent audience response, Beam users, however, will experience no delays. That means the viewers sees at whatever you do and wish them to see, at a reasonably quick pace and as result; the broadcasters and their respective viewers enjoy a much better social interaction.

Xbox One owners are offered a handful of options when they start up the app on their devices, for broadcasting such as enabling their device cameras or microphones etc. For taking control of the video bitrate and audio levels, the users will, however, require to finding the ‘Broadcasting’ option themselves. Microsoft’s move must have amused Select Xbox One Members for sure but at the same time it should have conveyed a message to Twitch, YouYube, and others; they’ve got a competitor!

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