‘Sega Mega Drive’ or more commonly known as the ‘Sega Mega’ was one of our favorite time passes back in the childhood. The games package was actually named as Sega Genesis in the US and to our surprise, an updated form of the Sega Genesis is rolling out soon!

61554 04 sega japan teases mega drive mini new mini genesis Sega might release a Mega Drive Mini, a shrunken down version of the Sega Genessis

The newer pack will be a bit “shrunken down” version of the Sega Genesis and the reports say that it might be named as ‘Mega Drive Mini.’ The only channel which has teased any such thing coming is Sega Japan’s twitter account but there isn’t even a single platform where this news can be cross verified for now!

Maybe in the near future, the other related authorities break their silence on the matter.

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