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Seeking a job change now? Google helps you find the best job

Google for Jobs

Tech giant Google is have number of applications and developing for users. Now Google will find a job for you. Basically the tech giant trying to improve the search experiences. The feature will be available for smartphones and as well as for the desktop. You have to put the “jobs near me” or any kind of job category, the tech giant shows you the result of your findings.

In other words, Google is helping both the employment firms and the job seekers. However, English is only one language gives you information of your search. Put your query for the job related results will be seen on your device screen.

According to the report, in an event at  I/O 2017, Google announced Google for Jobs, “a company-wide initiative focused on helping both job seekers and employers”.  The tech giant is collaborating with the industry and scan the employees to the firms. Google will match a job seeker abilities and capabilities to a specific job and recommend the jobs. Google Product Manager Nick Zakrasek wrote in a blog post.

“We’re working with a number of organizations from across the industry to bring you the most comprehensive listing of jobs—including LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook, This means you’ll see job postings from these sites and many others from across the web as soon as they’re posted.”

The Google is working much for the job seeking and tries to the best match for an employer to a suitable employee. However, Google is not facilitating for the preparation of that particular job interview. Zakrasek said in a report,

“Whether you’re a young adult looking for your first job, a veteran hoping to leverage your leadership experience in civilian life, or a parent looking for a job with better pay to support a growing family, we hope this new experience on Google will help make the job search simpler and more effective.”


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