VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a technology which will allow you to remotely control your target device.This technology is now available in Raspberry Pi. From any mobile device or laptop, you can connect your internet with Raspberry Pi. We can help you to use Raspberry Pi. You can use following methods.

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In this method, on your router, you will set up port forwarding. But firstly for doing this, you have to set your router configuration to forward all the inbound traffic from the current running internet to the local IP address of your Raspberry Pi. Many of the routers have already this feature. But we also know that every router is different from each other so you should first confirm your router working because sometimes the settings of the router can be little difficult if a firewall is in your Pi or more than one router are present at the same place. Port forwarding has one disadvantage that it shows a network port on private LAN.

Online services are also available.

tor How To Secure Your Connection With Raspberry Pi
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One secure alternative is In it, you will install software on your Raspberry Pi to get access to a single Pi, or to deal with a large number of Pis, from anywhere over the internet. You will use this software to access all TCP port on your Pi over the web including SSH, VNC, HTTP(S), RDP, and custom TCP services.Following command line on your Pi is use:

sudo apt-get update package install:

sudo apt-get install weavedconnectd

Then, run the with the following command:

sudo weavedinstaller

At first, it will ask you to create an account with your email address and a secret password. And then follow the on-screen instructions and give your Pi a device name and then select TCP port and services which you need. Now you can access Pi by signing in at

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