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Secure Wireless Charging Can Save Your Mobile From Frying

  • Secure wireless charging stops pads from frying your phone


it is a little bit confusing that charging with a poor tricky pad your mobile is not good but understanding it will make it easy to use. But how do you invent much thing for charging up your mobile when there is no charger or port available ? MIT has an great for this idea researcher invent such a charging device wireless charger from connecting up your phone unless it validate through a cryptographic handshake. It rotate around a smaller, more efficient charging circuit where there’s a main primary coil (for the actual charging) and a secondary coil that can produce a strong magnetic field and that help to charge mobile battery. if your phone and charger don’t exchange the cryptographic keys, that secondary coil of the charger will “struggle” the primary coil by variate its frequency.

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Charging chip

This would mainly be helpful for making it sure that you get a quality charger for your mobile, but scientists also observed that it would help the people putting one then more mobile at a single time.And that charger will look which mobile phone is very near to that chip so like this that charger will charge your mobile according to the distance of the mobile. While this will take longer but it better than having to plug in any secondary apparatus just to make sure it gets power.


This tool will help very much because most of the chargers fry your mobile because of charging disorder or the bad chargers now you can charge your mobile by wireless charging device very easy and quick.

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The invention wouldn’t make everyone happy. It’s now easy to look the chip used as a licensing advantage that stress charger manufacturer to pay up if they want similarity with a phone. the legacy support question is arrive:

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how do you implement this without turning legions of wireless charging accessories into paperweights? MIT’s work could go a long way toward discouraging cheaply made and knockoff chargers, but now it comes to a very latest technology that charger without any wire or desktop can charger your mobile with the help of single chip.