In search of a quality PSU? Seasonic has rolled out the Prime SnowSilent Series of PSUs with a huge 12-year warranty! The iconic white body of the PSUs make it unique and beautiful at the same time! Here’s what you’ll find on the body:

  1. White-colored main body
  2. A chrome-finished steel fan grille
  3. A white impeller on its main fan
  4. Contrasting black internal DC outputs and AC receptacles

The PSUs are designed for working under extreme loads and the sound remains as near to 0db as possible, thanks to the fluid-dynamic bearings of the fans! Here are the three models introduced by Seasonic:

  1. SnowSilent 550 Gold
  2. SnowSilent 650 Platinum
  3. SnowSilent 750 Titanium

The names are based on their wattage so it’s easy to guess their capacity from their names!

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All these three models posses these specifications:

  • DC-to-DC switching, active PFC
  • Micro-tolerance load-regulation (MTLR)
  • A single +12V rail design
  • Six SATA power connectors, five Molex, and one Berg

For the 550W model, you’ll get a single 4+4 pin EPS connector and two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors.

For the 650W model, four 6+2 pin PCIe (two more than the 550W model) are included.

While the powerful 750W PSU has two 4+4 pin EPS (one more than the other models).

Pricing hasn’t been revealed for the Seasonic Prime SnowSilent Series PSUs.

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