Google is helping to find out the best torrent sites. Google is showing multiple of the torrent sites on its search result. Piracy on the internet is the one of the issue for many years. The entertainment industry keeps fighting for the copyrights of the movies, music and the software.

Search giant Google US showing the best torrents such as RARBG, Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Torrent Project and 1337x with the logos of the sites. On clicking the logos, search giant show you the relevant results. These results cannot be found in other domain beyond the US.

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According to the report, when Google was asked for clarification for the search results one of the Google’s spokespersons stated as:

“These results are generated algorithmically, but in this particular case, do not reflect what we had in mind for this feature and we are looking into it.”

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However, these results are not highlighted by the Google in conscious, some of the right holders such as MPAA and RIAA work in the past may be shown on the torrent results on the search giant search results. The issue already reported to Google, it is expected, soon the results will disappear from the site. Share your view with us in comment section given below!


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