I am sure that a huge number of those who saw the trailer of Sea of Thieves, fell in love with it. Rare is also not letting the people remain deprived of the fun factor and has unleashed a companion comic book in the past. To make things even more interesting, the developers have decided to give you an hour-long gameplay trailer.

The Series So Far…

Titan Comics is the one behind the comics series and titles including Bloodborne, Tekken, and Wolfenstein by the company have been a success so far. As an interesting part, the first issue of Sea of Thieves will be released around the same time as the game itself, on March 20th. To make it worth watching, they have featured Hulk veterans Jeremy Whitley (Writer, Thor vs. Hulk) and Rhoald Marcellius (Artist, The Incredible Hulks) in it.

Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves developers has something exciting for you!

The Reward

There is a reward for the players of Sea of Thieves who try to find and kill bugs.


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