‘Sea of Thieves’ was released merely a few days ago and the developers have come forward to discuss its initially noted problems. Rare used its YouTube channel for releasing a detailed update video, discussing the key problems of Sea of Thieves.

718807.0 Sea of Thieves initial issues   Developers address the issues in a recent YouTube session!

The issues were discussed by Craig Duncan and Joe Neate while Neate also discussed the future plans of developers to reprimand these problems. The game was highly anticipated before its release and the server was heavily hit by a sea of gamers just when it went live! This caused most of the initial problems and the developers are confident that such issues won’t bother gamers in the future!

The achievement feature has been turned off by the developers to let more players enjoy the content of the game at once. After turning off the feature, an additional percentage of gamers are expected to log in and gain multitudes of achievements at once!

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