Microsoft backed ‘Sea of Thieves’ was released recently while the developers appeared on Youtube yesterday with some explanations and a tweak. Today, a landmark has been announced in the journey with the game touching 2 million players!

The game is already topping the charts of Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10. The streaming numbers have also grown outrageously for the game. According to the latest stats, over 100,000 players have streamed Sea of Thieves so far!

sea of thieves 16 1516795690 1 1 Sea of Thieves receives an overwhelming response   The title gets as many as 2 Million players since its release
Rare has also announced removing the achievement feature to let more players play it. This has let the Rare-developed game to be watched for over 10 million hours!

The success is quite overwhelming for Rare and Microsoft! It’s time for the publishers to add or at least announce adding more content to the game. After all, Microsoft has labeled it to bring back the gaming essence!

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