Many android apps allow you save the web contents. Last year, in December, Google introduces the Downloads feature for the android to save the web pages, music and as well as the movies contents.

The Google always works for its users, and brings the innovations and improvements in the systems. Today the Google is rolling out the updates for the Downloads feature, so that users can enjoy the easy way to save the web content and get access the data even offline. ScreenShot2017 05 08at10.19.11AM Save the web pages more easily: Google Chrome offline data saving features is getting the updates

Tapping the save option from the Chrome menu on the top right of the your android browser allows users to save the data that you want to access on offline. The users tap to save the data option that is next to the bookmarking option. The data has been saved now, if you want to read the save data, tab the Downloads from the same menu bar of the Chrome and enjoy the content.

Google made the whole process more easier, now you have to hold for a long press on the link that you want to save from the open page, and it will appear the Downloads option , by tapping on the option, data will be saved offline for you.  When you open the new tab, Google says suggestions to open the articles in the new tab page.

The new tab page also give you suggestions to open the saved articles. Google improves the saves content, users will see the list of the saved data as the other apps like Instapaper or Pocket are providing the services to get the access of the data on offline.  Google Chrome providing the similar services and new tool for the bookmarking and the option to see the data later, will retain the users and compete the other services.  The users access the data whenever they need to read or run the data.

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