It seems like we would be able to see a bit of what we all have been waiting for. From the rumors mill of the internet, we have come across some of the images of SAPPHIRE Radeon RX Vega 64 NITRO. The pictures credits definitely go to the guys at HardwareBattle, so here’s the beloved guest with three of the 8-pin power connectors:

SAPPHIRE NITRO RX Vega 64 15 1000x666 SAPPHIRE Radeon RX Vega 64 NITRO pictured   How cool is that?

What’s Special?

The most interesting part is definitely, the two-and-half slot of this NITRO Vega. Despite this image coming from a very credible source, we cannot term it as the final shape of the product.

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Here’s what’s special in it:

  • Triple-fan (2x 95mm + 1x85mm) cooler with LED lighting
  • Three slots on the motherboard with a bracket for two slots
  • LED illuminated fans, side, and backplate
  • Heavy in weight

Unfortunately, there is no DVI port on this card so we’ll have to count this as a downside.

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