The launch of the two new Galaxy phones from Samsung is just around the corner. That is held during Mobile World Congress on 25th of February. The upcoming Galaxy phones just like its predecessor have been getting a lot of attention lately. Which makes it harder to get surprised by anything with the amount of leaks on the internet.

samsung dex pad s9 Samsungs Next Flagship Device Will Retain The Legacy Headphone Jack Port

An image of the Galaxy S9 just leaked on the internet, confirming that both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will retain its headphone jack. This sure is a pleasant surprise after its removal from other phone manufacturers like HTC and Google. Who followed in the footsteps of Apple to remove the legacy port from their devices.

To some users the removal of the headphone jack does not seem to be an issue. Especially with the wide range of Bluetooth accessories that are available in the market. But for those who still prefer a headphone jack, it means a lot. Because nothing beats the price, audio quality and battery life of a wired headphone compared to wireless.

Heres what the Samsung DeX Pad that will launch with the Galaxy S9 may look like Samsungs Next Flagship Device Will Retain The Legacy Headphone Jack Port

Even Blass also leaked an image showing the new Samsung DeX. Which is an updated version of the current portable docking station for the Galaxy S8. If this leaked image is to be real, then Samsung really have done a great job in redesigned their portable docking station. Samsung DeX also uses the display of the phone to be used as a mouse.

In terms of ports the new Samsung DeX features a single HDMI, USB Type C port and two USB Type A ports. Aside from that the new Galaxy phones would also feature the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. That according to recent benchmark results, performs 20 percent better in CPU performance. While for GPU, the new chip can deliver up to 30 percent better performance compared to its predecessor.

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