Before reading further I think you should check your bank account if you are even able to buy one of the Samsung latest QLED 4K TV or not. Samsung is currently though taking a lot of pre-orders. But we are expecting more models of different sizes this year, as occurred in the previous year with SUHD TVs). Furthermore, the costs, while not precisely low, but additionally a long way from upsettingly preposterous.

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Particularly, the company has divulged their prices for taking pre-orders for their different models i.e: Q7, Q8 QLED and also for the Q9 which price hasn’t even decided by the Samsung. This year Samsung has offered the Q7F model with the least price tag of $2499 which has a 55 inch curved screen. And then there’s another model Q8C QLED TV, which too has a 55 inch curvy display and offered with a price tag of $3499. And then there’s a 65 inch model as well for both of the televisions. The Q7F is at a price of $3499 and the Q8C for a price of $4499. And then there’s likewise a 75 inch model of Q7F Flat screen TV offering for a price of $5,999.

If we see the features of both the new models of Samsung QLED Televisions they have the same performance as the previous year models (the KS8000 and the KS9500). However there’s a lot of difference in terms of price. Particularly for the curvy SUHDs) they work precisely the similar in every essential dimensions of quality. Going for the high price curvy display and paying the additional cash which is a misuse of cash unless you just like curved display Televisions and just need to pay a noteworthy premium for little more than that additional “advantage”.

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