Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is coming with 4K Display with 6 inch screen ,its own artificial intelligence (AI) assistant called Bixby ,Enhanced VR gear and with 8 GB of RAM.
There was rumor that Samsung may give an end to its Galaxy Note due to the Note 7

samsung galaxy note 7 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 with 4K display will be release later this year
but Samsung isnt’t demoralize yet.The new Galaxy Note 8 will be available in market in Second Half Of 2017 and the Galaxy S8 series is to be release in April.
Except the adversity with Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Electronics has a strong position in global electronics and with the recent achievement Samsung has provided some reliable ,elegant and stylish Smartphones .

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It’s too early to tell the features and specification of Note 8 but some official South Korean source with Samsung mention that Samsung Galaxy S8 may have 2K resolution display and Galaxy Note 8 with high resolution of 4k display.
4096*2160 pixels display will improved  and enhance virtual reality (VR).
vr gears 1024x846 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 with 4K display will be release later this year

Samsung Galaxy S8 will support Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung Electronics will release the results of the Note 7 battery explosion and fire investigation by the end of January. The rumors say the source of the problem might be fault in hardware of the device.

Samsung’s Exynos 9810 an eight core and the clock at 550MHz processor is likely to beat Snapdragon 835