Samsung have been making their chips for quite a while now. But now the Korean giant wants to expand its chipset market share. Samsung will now be expanding the production of its home made Exynos chips to other smartphone vendors as well.

samsung exynos Samsung To Start Selling Its Exynos Chips To Other Smartphone Companies

Currently Samsung is in fourth place for the smartphone chip market share. Companies like Qualcomm, Apple and MediaTek have much wider range compared to Samsung. Because till now Samsung have only equipped its Galaxy phones with the Exynos chipset. According to certain sources Samsung would only be targeting mid-tier phones with its Exynos chipset. A market that MediaTek currently owns. But with Samsung also joining in, it looks like MediaTek is about to have a touch year.

This plan might work in the favor of Samsung. Because not only would it be expanding its Exynos chips to mid-tier phones. But the company would also be using Exynos chips inside its own phones. Currently Meizu is the only smartphone manufacturer to use the Exynos chip. But now Samsung wants to reach out to more smartphone vendors.

Samsung is trying to reach out, but for now we are not sure what companies would be interested in ordering Samsung’s Exynos chipset. Companies like Huawei, Apple do make their own chips, but same cannot be said about numerous other phone manufactures around the world.

Exynos 9 Samsung To Start Selling Its Exynos Chips To Other Smartphone Companies

It would also be nice if Samsung started offering its high end chips to the market as well. Just like Qualcomm, reason why a Snapdragon chip is found on every other flagship device out there. This also includes Samsung’s own Galaxy S lineup. As the currently Galaxy S phones do come equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. While the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

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Would you be willing to use an Exynos powered device from other smartphone manufacturers?