With the decline in iPhone X sales, Samsung has decided to reduce the production of OLED panels. Samsung now plans to reduce the production of OLED panels down to 20 million units for the current quarter. Which came down from 50 million units.

Samsung still hasn’t decided what the company will be doing for next year. But with the declining sales of iPhone X. The tech giant might also cut back its production further. Because Apple’s idea of selling a phone more expensive seems to have backfired, with customers losing their interest.

samsung galaxy s8 plus 680px Samsung To Slash OLED Display Production After iPhone X Sales Decline

Apple will also be making changes as well to its iPhone X production. Which is expected to be as low as 20 million for the first three months of this year. Whatever the case maybe the iPhone X is one of the first phones from Apple. That have kept up with the trend this early, by sporting a bezel-less display. Something that brought about a change from the usual design of the iPhone 6. Because of this the iPhone X was also expected to be a blockbuster phone in sales. But it looks like not everyone can afford a $999 phone.

Samsung will be effected the most by this decision. As the company was the sole supplier of OLED panels for iPhone X. While other were also expected to join in including Sharp and LG. But it looks like the iPhone X was not what the company hoped it would.

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So why didn’t the iPhone X made a huge impact on the market? Well there are many out there who would like to pay less for more screen size like the current iPhone 8 Plus. Something that the iPhone X cuts on with the notch at the top. But Apple is expected to launch a bigger version if iPhone X this year, that won’t have the notch on it.

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What do you think about the iPhone X, is Apple heading in the right direction?