The new rotary dial display for future gear smartwatch is going to introduced by the Samsung. It has some features like current date, weather forecast, playing songs and so on. And that features work without any app or widget install. This smartwatch has some different function in comparative with other smartwatches. The main and shocking geature is navigation system in it which make it different from other smartwatches.

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Last year 2 smartwatches Gear S2 and Gear S3 are released by Samsung with some features. The rotary dial design is introduced in Gear S3. Released last year Now they are planning to the new design of rotary dial smartwatch. Maybe announce this year. But it is also reported that this is not the end there are many things to update and innovate for the users.

It is also heard that the display rotation in this new smartwatch is up to 90 degree. If we compare it with earlier smartwatches so earlier one has display rotation of 360 degrees. In comparison with older one, it has low display rotation. It is because Samsung was planning about the new look of the smartwatch which gives two directions both are vertically in direction and that what divided it into two display.

samsung patent shows secondary rotary dial display for future gear smartwatches Samsung Shows Rotary Dial Display For Future Gear Smartwatches

It is still not confirmed that smartwatch support the screen on always-on mode or it impacts the battery life of the smartwatch. But it looks like it will have this feature because Gear S3 released last time and that device gives full support to the screen on mode all the time with efficient battery consumption. And also expected following features according to the last invention. Like music control, health data and other information that they need.

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